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frat boy luke showing up for your tutoring sessions and you expect him to be an idiot douche bag but he turns out to be a complete cutie with his monkey laptop case and hes actually really smart and just wanted an excuse to talk to you and he keeps making dumb jokes to impress you and youll be working and catch him staring at you over his laptop so he ducks his head down behind the screen and you can see his cheeks getting redder and redder and WHAT AM I DOING PLS STOP ME

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This part made me cry sooooooo much

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good vibes here!


date a boy who thinks all your jokes are funny and is slightly afraid youre going to snap his neck unprovoked

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Insp. (x)
Insp. (x)

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"I want to go to japan and be a mangaka"




do u rly?

Please pass this on.  Please educate those foolish children and weeaboos who (are most likely spoiled) and have no idea what sort of a hellish life being a mangaka in Japan could be…

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i aspire to get to that level of hot where my hair looks like shit and i smell like black coffee and yesterday’s eyeliner is smudged under my eyes but i still look fine as hell

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kiss my thighs and tell me i’m a princess

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If All Time Low ever break up I swear to god I will break up as well.

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sexual orientation: musicians

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*annoying gay boy spitefully hates on thriving young celebrities on the internet as if his opinions have any relevance at all*

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